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Plug Point

NEMA 14-50 receptacle-based Level 2 charging solution for charging Electric Vehicles.

The Electric Vehicle Charging System integrates energy metering and RFID card-based authentication. The E-metering solution enables accurate billing to the customer while the authentication mechanism enables cloud-based customer verification to avail the service.


A health and environment management solution that helps you monitor and consistently maintain a healthy, clean and welcoming environment thus multiplying customer experience many folds. 

GSM Terminator

GSM Terminator is a custom portable solution designed for transit operators in the business of international calling.

The portable device is a breakthrough solution designed for use in legally authorized countries, which aids in handling incoming international VoIP calls and, earning good revenue in the process.


It allows Event Organiser will have the ability to setup the event schedule, invite users and control user’s access to event meetings via RFID wristbands and security authorisation through the on-site SecureMe solution.

Healthcare Application

A white label streamlined solution for patients and day surgeries to mange patient scheduling and documentation. The only system available allowing the patient to own there own data from the start

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