The Team

Our Strength lies in the people who choose to work here.


CHET is a hardcore Piano player with a head for creative technology and strategy. For the past 10 years, he has provided vision and strategic guidance to the 1337Lab team. Driven by the limitless potential of digital, rooted in a client-first approach


Chief Technology Architect

Captain of technology and his own sailboat (one day!), Krupesh keeps 1337Lab on the forefront of web development. If your project requires more than just a bit of pretty, you will be glad to have him in your corner.


Sr. UI/UX Consultant

Manmohan applies a hands-on approach to design, preferring to be in the thick of things rather than on the sidelines. He brings a heap of know-how and a sprinkle of spunk to the design team at 1337 Lab.”


Sr. Technology Consultant

Dipankar takes on complicated dev challenges with a positive attitude and calm confidence that keeps our projects running smoothly. The one we rely on to help us solve complex problems with elegant technology.

Merry Lavett

Solutions Architect & Sr. Strategist

Merry is equipped with the necessary skills of an innovative and entrepreneurial thought process – to think through holistically, model business asks & problems, design, validate innovative approaches and solution options and strategies, and lead & guide teams for implementations to generate internal and external business value.


Sr. Embedded Systems Consultant

Dipen – Whether it’s a PCB design flaw or sniffing out an innocent looking loop in the code that will crash 7.85 days after deployment, he’s the guy you call to find a needle in the haystack. The most methodical engineer, he gets us from a 90 to a 100. 


Jr. Embedded Systems Consultant

Need a solid Analog Design for your electronic product? Meet Gary, our technical expert. Well-versed with the product development cycle, he truly helps in bringing a product idea in to reality.


Business Consultant

Francois Belizaire has established himself as a well-respected consultant for the luxury goods, fashion
and hospitality sector. He has specialized in providing clients with direct cross-functional business
initiatives in sales, marketing, public relations, global branding and business development solutions.